• Type of box: Diecut
  • Corrugated kraft box
  • Use: Tablets, computers and parts
  • Can be absolutely customized and tailored for the client including graphics and box size

Monitor and Tablet Packagaging

  • Diecut boxes are perfect for shipping high dollar items and electronics. With this type of box, there's no need for tape - a very easy way to reduce costs.


    We provide solutions that protect against shock, vibration, static and other damaging factors that can affect electronics in transit.




    • Polyethylene and polyurethane foam
      • Cost effective and custom protection for the product in transit.
    • Corrugated inserts
      • Cost effective corrugated inserts that offer protection and/or storage for the product in transit.




    • Design
    • Inventory Control
    • Fulfillment
    • Warehousing and Transportation

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