• Type of box: RSC with corrugated inserts
  • Corrugated kraft box
  • Use: Dynamite 
  • Can be absolutely customized and tailored for the client including graphics and box size

Industrial Packaging

  • RSC boxes are perfect for shipping products. This type of box has an auto-lock bottom, meaning there's no need for tape on the bottom end - a very easy way to cut half the cost of tape needed.


    We provide solutions that protect against shock, vibration, static and other damaging factors that can affect the product in transit.




    • Polyethylene and polyurethane foam
      • Cost effective and custom protection for the product in transit.
    • Corrugated inserts
      • Cost effective corrugated inserts that offer protection and/or storage for the product in transit.




    • Design
    • Inventory Control
    • Fulfillment
    • Warehousing and Transportation

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